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When the cold threatens to shorten your running schedule, fight back with the CRG Convertible Running Glove. Pump up your tunes during your run without freezing your hands because with ALLTouch™ technology, you can operate your touchscreen device with all your fingers without having to take your gloves off. Designed to fight the elements during winter weather runs, the CRG packs a lot of functionality into a lightweight, comfortable glove. The stretch fleece material ensures warmth and a snug fit while the wind and water resistant polyester hood provides added protection against the elements. When you start to warm up, retract the hood and tuck it away in the built-in hideaway pocket. Being safe while out running on the road is at the top of every runner’s mind, so to make sure you’re visible no matter day or night, the hood is an eye-catching Tender Shoots green and there is light-catching, reflective piping and CRG logo on the back of the hand. There’s also a built-in sweat wipe on the back of the glove to help keep the sweat out of your eyes

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